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UNO-Aceland raid in deep forest in Lohagara, sand truck seized - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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UNO-Aceland raid in deep forest in Lohagara, sand truck seized

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 11, 2021
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Kamol Chakraborty:Divitional Co-Ordinator,Chittagong:

During the illegal extraction of sand from the hillocks in the deep forest of Charamba Union in Lohagara Upazila of Chittagong, a pliers operation was conducted under the leadership of UNO-Aceland.

At that time, UNO-Aceland chased about 10 km and seized an illegally loaded sand truck. UNO Md. Ahsan Habib Jitu and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Md. Masud Rana conducted a day-long operation at 3 spots in the deep forest of Baier Para of Charamba Union in Lohagara on Wednesday,November 10 at noon.


UNO Ahsan Habib said: At this time a truck carrying illegally extracted sand was seized. Such operations will be carried out regularly against any activity that destroys the environment.

Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mohammad Masud Rana said that during the operation, which was conducted on the basis of secret information, the criminals were chased from behind when they got the news and fled in a truck. At that time, after chasing on a winding road of about 10 km, the criminals left the truck and fled into the deep forest. Later the truck was seized and brought to the upazila complex. The administration will always be active in protecting the geography of Lohagara.The perpetrators will be brought under the law.

BD / KCB / CTG / 12:43 p.m.


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