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"Implementation of basic law books in the education system may reduce crime globally" - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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"Implementation of basic law books in the education system may reduce crime globally" - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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“Implementation of basic law books in the education system may reduce crime globally”

  • Update Time : Thursday, March 7, 2024
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In the era of globalization where many countries are developing rapidly in respect of modern facilities, technology, economy as well as in the education systems. Conversely crime is also increasing in parallel.
Many statistics show that the average crime rate in the world is around 6% of the 100k population. Crime rates actually vary  from state to state, country to country and depending on many factors. For example, high poverty levels, unemployment, illiteracy, and unawareness of the tragic outcome of crime tend to inflate a country’s crime rate. On the other hand, strict law enforcement and severe sentences tend to reduce crime rates. There is also a strong correlation between age and crime, with most crimes, especially violent crimes, being committed by those ages 20-30 years old.
My legal experience has been that some violent offenders however if given the opportunity, will repeat their criminal conduct regardless of how many times they are prosecuted. I believe in that case basic education regarding Law in primary level may play a vital role in reducing such offense. Mandatory basic law education in Primary level increases the social awareness and understanding the consequences of the crime. Child and juvenile will get to know the applicability of law.
Bangladesh is a democratic country, the constitution of Bangladesh clearly states about the fundamental rights of all the citizens of our country.  We are moving from a less developed country to a developing country, I think the need to reduce crime is immense just as we need financial social development to continue this trend.  If a country improves in a specific field, we cannot call it a developed country as a whole, for overall development, the citizens of Bangladesh must have a proper understanding of civil rights and their application, and that is only possible through proper legal education.
As a lawyer of Supreme Court of Bangladesh, I think the main reason behind most of the crimes is that we do not know and follow the law properly.  In order to reduce crime in any country, awareness of the citizens and knowledge of the laws of that country is essential and Bangladesh is no exception.
When you hear the word “law”, it seems that many sections, sub-sections, ordinances, orders, etc. are to be remembered.  That is not entirely correct.  According to the famous jurist John Austin, “The command of the sovereign is the law” simply put, the law applied to regulate the outward behavior of man.  John Austin also said “Law is a command which obliges a person or persons to a course of conduct”.  Laws are structural regulations.  When rules and regulations on a particular subject are established on the basis of compliance for all, it is called law.
A law is a specific policy of what a citizen and other institutions of the state can and cannot do.
According to Article 152 of the Constitution of Bangladesh, any law, ordinance, order, rule, regulation, by-law, notification and other legal document and any custom or practice having the force of law in Bangladesh is called a law.
A law is a specific policy of what a citizen and other institutions of the state can and cannot do.
As a Bengali and a citizen of Bangladesh, I feel that the awareness of the citizens will increase and crime will decrease only when there is a law book in the textbooks of Bangladesh from the beginning.
Our young children need to be given a clear understanding of their civil rights and what to do if a crime is organized from an early age, so that on the one hand they can help the law enforcement agencies to prevent crime and on the other hand they will refrain from committing crime themselves.
Currently in Bangladesh, juvenile gangs, child rape, child marriage, eve-teasing have taken the form of cancer. This cancer can be eradicated from the root only through legal education.  If a child or teenager knows the gravity of the crime, consequences and its punishment, he will definitely think twice before committing the crime.  When an innocent child is raped by luring a toy or gift or a student studying in a school or college is eve-teased on the street, the child/student is afraid to tell the parents, that fear can only be removed through legal education.
I remember when I was in elementary school there was a chapter called first aid, we were taught what to do in case of a cut, tear or pain and I still remember that.  If a basic education system can have basic treatment then why not basic law education?
If we can bring our children into the state rules and discipline from childhood then I believe the crime in Bangladesh will be reduced to a great extent.  Bangladesh will be a role model and stand tall in front of the world.  The cancer of crime can be cured by proper application of law.

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