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Daulatdia-Paturia launch ghat Passenger crisis - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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Daulatdia-Paturia launch ghat Passenger crisis

  • Update Time : Monday, April 10, 2023
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Though Eid-ul-Fitr is knocking the door, launch drivers and workers are passing lazy time at Daulatdia and Paturia launch ghats due to shortage of passengers.


The ghat authorities said this stalemate was created after launching the Padma Bridge.
The ghat was totally silent, no hue and cry there on Monday morning where there have huge gatherings in the last years.
A launch from Manikganj’s Paturia ghat with few passengers anchored at the Daulatdia ghat. Earlier, a launch carried out 80-100 passengers, which number is now only 25-30. The launch owners are also facing losses.
According to Daulatdia ghat sources, Rajbari’s Goalando upazila’s Daulatdia and Manikganj’s Paturia route are famous entry way of south-west. Around 33 launches were plying on these routes. Now, only 1,000-1,500 passengers have been crossing the ferry, which was 4,000-5,000 in earlier.

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