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How to get to Saint Martin’s Island - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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How to get to Saint Martin’s Island

  • Update Time : Sunday, February 19, 2023
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Let me draw you a picture: you are stuck at the office, still grinding away to meet your deadline or to please your boss while the travelling season is nearing its end. Your loved one went uncharacteristically quiet over the course of the last few weeks. What can you make out of this situation? “Things have been quiet and relaxing for some while, she finally understood,” or “Something terrible is about to happen; is it the calm before the storm?”

How to get to Saint Martin’s Island

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If you want to avoid the situation above and relax simultaneously, plan a trip somewhere with little to no effort. Gone are the days when you have to take a leave and go to your destination just to spend a night and hurry back the very next morning. To put it into a more digestible context, let us assume that you would want to go to Saint Martin’s Island because, why not! The island around this time of the year is pleasant, and the best part is it is not overcrowded due to the end of the tourist season.

So, this is what you do; You can take three options or routes for your trip to the island, directly from Chattogram, Cox’s Bazar, or the super-tiring route through Teknaf. The Chattogram route is for you if you want a complete comfort-induced trip with little to no effort! All you have to do is book a ticket to Chattogram that lands before 9 PM, take a literal five-minute drive, and board the biggest passenger ship in Bangladesh, MV Bay One of Karnafuly Cruise Line. Check into their fancy cosy rooms and enjoy the serene scenery for the next two days without a worry in the world.

How to get to Saint Martin’s Island

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If you want to make every moment count and enjoy a bit of everything for example, an overnight bus ride with friends, having a bit of a break in the middle of a highway, and experiencing the city of seafood, then the Cox’s Bazar route is for you!

When you get off the bus after you reach the city in the morning, go to the BIWTA Jetty, Airport Rd, Cox’s Bazar, and board MV Karnafuly Express, and you are on the island in 5 hours! Do book the tickets prior to your journey for good seats or a cabin!

How to get to Saint Martin’s Island

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If none of the above is your cup of tea, and you are more inclined toward the age-old method of reaching the island, which includes a bumpy but fun ride, going through Teknaf is your answer. Sure, the ride to Teknaf can be tiresome; the area lacks proper connectivity, and cross-city transports are only available during specific times of the day.

Despite all that, Teknaf is beautiful thanks to the raw picturesque view. However, the lack of direct road connectivity means you must first go to Cox’s Bazar via a bumpy road and then take a boat or trawler (for adrenaline seekers) to Saint Martin’s Island. There are many options in Teknaf for going to the island; Keari Sindbad, The Atlantic, MV Bay Cruise, the latest MV Baro Awlia, etc. But, if speed and time crunch is your concern, then MV Baro Awlia is the ship for you, allowing you to go easy on your wallet!

Every traveller is unique and caters to their unique preferences, some love comfort, some seek adventure, and some look for a bit of both. And the tourism sector has reached a point where it can cater to almost anyone!

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