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Releasing the musical production's new song "Sona Bandhu" - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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Releasing the musical production’s new song “Sona Bandhu”

  • Update Time : Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Sona Bandhu has sung the new song of Dhaka Media’s musical production Shed-in Samrat and his partner is Swarna Hossain. Shed-in Emperor, whose path begins with the song “Tanley Kache”. Musical production is an art family and a guide. Sona Bandhu’s trailer has already been released on the music production’s own YouTube channel. Good composition, direction, post production, dedication and proper practice of art. Musical production is very determined to get Bangladeshi music licensed all over the world and to guide the right path of the artist. Kingdom “.

The musical production is already being praised by the general public. Various listeners and artists wished success to all of the musical productions.

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