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RAB-7 Commander Lieutenant Colonel MA Yusuf visits Banjaur Restaurant with his wife - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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RAB-7 Commander Lieutenant Colonel MA Yusuf visits Banjaur Restaurant with his wife

  • Update Time : Tuesday, March 22, 2022
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Kamal Chakraborty:
RAB-7 Commander Lieutenant Colonel MA Yusuf visited one of the elite and international standard Banjaur restaurants in Chittagong city. During this time he was given hospitality and hospitality. During the visit, he expressed satisfaction with the environment, services and quality of food.

Lieutenant Colonel MA Yusuf, Commander of RAB-7, was given a warm welcome by Akkas Uddin, Director (Operations) of Banajaur Restaurant when he visited Banajaur Restaurant at GEC corner of Swastrik Nagar on Tuesday afternoon at 17 March.

Akkas Uddin, Director (Operations) of Banajaur Restaurant said, “I sincerely thank the Commander (CEO) of Chittagong RAB-6, dear Lieutenant Colonel Yusuf Bhai and Bhabhi for accepting my hospitality in Banajaur. To give a gift.

Note that Md. Akkas Uddin is a successful businessman and entrepreneur from Chittagong. Akkas Uddin’s name spread in the restaurant world of Chittagong due to his talent, hard work, honesty and dedication to work. After working continuously as the Food and Beverage Manager of Peninsula Chittagong till 2019, he set up ‘Bonjaur Restaurant’ in the GEC Corner of the city as an entrepreneur. Since then, the aristocracy has taken place in the minds of consumers and tourists with all the arrangements. The menu at Banajaur Restaurant includes Thai, Chinese, Bengali, customized food for weddings, birthdays or any corporate party. Bakery items for special occasions, especially cakes, breads, cookies and all kinds of bakery items are being prepared and served by Bonjaur through its own experienced chefs. Lunch and buffet dinner at the restaurant every day. There are also hundreds of food menus to choose from.

BD / KCB / CTG / 4:10 p.m.

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