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Dr. Khan Asaduzzaman elected President of the Management Committee of Madhupur Technical School and BM College

  • Update Time : Thursday, November 18, 2021
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Kamal Chakraborty: Senior Staff Reporter
Editor-in-Chief of Daily Bangladesh Shomachar, The Daily Bangladesh Diary and Monthly Oporajeo Bangladesh, and a versatile artist, educator, researcher, lyricist and artist. Dr.Khan Asaduzzaman.

Memorandum No. . / 4618 of Bangladesh Technical Education Board.  In a letter sent to issued , he was appointed as the President subject to the approval of the Management Committee of the private educational institution.

Management Committee of Private Technical Educational Institutions In accordance with Regulation S, R, O No. 27 / Act / 2009-Regulation (59), the Management Committee of BM College, Amuatya, Narihatil, Madhupur, Tangail has been approved by the Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

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Other members of the committee are: Teacher Representative Sumon Kumar Sarkar Father: Govind Kumar Sarkar, Teacher Representative Selim Sarkar Father Mojibar Rahman, Guardian Member Manhaj Uddin Akand Father Late Kabir Uddin Akand, Guardian Member Mosha: Desi Begum Swami: Md. Fazlu Mia, Member Md. Mosharraf Hossain Akand Father Shahadat Hossain Akand, Powerful Member Md. Moniruzzaman Khan Father Late Prabanat Ali Khan, Educationist Member M Jahangir Alam, Father Haji Shamser Ali.

BD / KCB / STG / 8:49 p.m.

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