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"English education makes a person wise,enlightens the society,enriches the state" - Daily Bangladesh Diary
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“English education makes a person wise,enlightens the society,enriches the state”

  • Update Time : Thursday, September 9, 2021
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“English education makes a person wise,enlightens the society,enriches the state” In the online virtual of English Learning Course participated the function Dear honorable educationist, vast knowledge of English linguistic of English,enlighten of the society, chairman and Head of the Department of English University of Chattogram prof Dr Sukanta Bhattacharjee. He said English is an important language.

The important of English is unlimited to enrich self and various types of works and practical activities. It is also important to communicate with the foreign countries for loving various kinds of jobs and taking higher education etc. It is not possible to exist an International competition without learning English.

In this virtual function also took parts Leo Obidur Rahman ex manager Asian University for woman’s service learning and community engagement Department, Mr Amaranth Chakraborty writer and English teacher kadhurkhil girls high school, Mr Asif Iqbal poet and journalist, General Secretary “Chattogram Sahitya path cakro”. The successful planner and presentation of the whole virtual function of English learning course is Babul kanti Das, president of “Chattogram Sahitya path cakro” and Head Teacher. This is the Only first discussion of online version in English.


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